When you want to update the look of your fireplace, you can't go wrong with new fireplace panels from eFireplaceStore. New panels can offer different colors and styles, ranging from brick to stone to wood. They make a great backdrop for any fire and can be a big improvement with little effort.

Replacement panels are usually lightweight and durable. They often don't require a lot of work or know how to install. Most can be installed with a little time and mortar, in a weekend. And getting a set of replacement panels from your fireplace manufacturer means that you don't even have to worry about cutting and sizing them. However, if replacement panels aren't available for your fireplace. eFireplaceStore has a wide selection of universal panels available.

Replacing your fireplace's panels is also an important part of maintaining your fireplace. When your liner is cracked, chipped or damaged, it need to be replaced. Those cracks can expose your home to dangerous temperatures and corrosive materials. However, a repairing your line with panels from eFireplaceStore will add years onto the life of your fireplace.